Documentation:CTP Fleeing Types

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A list of the fleeing types that ghosts can use with mTsuriType in their respective parameter file.

Number Type Name Example Enemies Description
0 KtEnTsuriKihon Default Type (Most use it) The ghost will randomly pull Luigi around the room.
1 KtEnTsuriYoko Clockwork Soldiers, Skeleton Ghosts, and Purple Punchers The ghost will alternate from facing forwards and backwards periodically.
2 KtEnTsuriKaiten Chauncey, the Twins, Ghost Guys, Grabbing Ghosts, and Waiters The ghost will continuously travel in a wide, large circle.
3 KtEnTsuriKoe Lydia and Melody The ghost will flail around but stay in Luigi's range, unlike type 0.
4 KtEnTsuriTako Jarvis The ghost will fly in a quite strange fleeing pattern with loop de loops.
5 EnBasicTsuri (UNUSED) The ghost will pull in the opposite direction of Luigi at the speed set in the mSpeed parameter