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This is a list of the CTP parameter files, and their fields, found inside the param/ctp/ folder in root/Game/game.szp on NTSC-J, root/Game/game_usa.szp on NTSC-U, and root/Game/gameX.szp on PAL (there's five archives, one for each language).

These parameter files and their data can be edited with TrashPRM.

Field Descriptions

This is a list of the different fields found inside parameter files found in the CTP folder.

Field Name Description
mLife HP for the ghost. Portrait ghosts are hardcoded to use 100 HP,

but this can be changed by paste-writing 4800002c into 0xBDED0 in Start.dol (NTSC).

mHitDamage The damage that Luigi should take from bumping into the actor.
mSpeed Effects the speed which ghosts pull when using TsuriType 5.
mSpeedUnseen The speed of an actor while it's invisible and moving around.
mSpeedFight The speed of an actor while it's locked onto and chasing Luigi.
mEyesight How far away an actor can notice Luigi and lock on to him. The higher the number, the farther the actor can "see".
mLightBindFrame How long a ghost actor will stay stunned with the flashlight before disappearing. The higher the number, the longer the ghost will stay stunned.
mMinLightBindRange The minimum/maximum distance away from the ghost actor that Luigi can successfully stun the ghost without it disappearing. This means that if Luigi is out of the LightBindRange, the ghost will instantly disappear instead of being stunned.
mNumAtkKarakai The number of loops through a ghost's teasing animation. The higher the number, the longer the ghost will spend teasing Luigi after a successful hit.
mNumAtkOrooro The number of loops through a ghost's flustered animation. The higher the number, the longer the ghost will spend being flustered at Luigi after he dodges a hit from the ghost.
mHikiPower The strength that the ghost actor will pull Luigi while the vacuum beam is attached. The value is a percentage ranging from 0 to 100%. The higher the percent, the harder the ghost pulls.
mEffectiveDegree E. Gadd explains that Luigi must hold the opposite direction while catching a ghost; this is what he means. The value is an angle that determines a success radius. The more the control stick stays within this radius, the less chance that the ghost will break off suction. 180 degrees will give Luigi the easiest time, while decreasing it to a smaller angle will make it harder. 0 will make it impossible to catch the ghost.
mTsuriHeight How high or low the ghost should fly vertically while Luigi captures it. The game will change negative values to a default value (this can be seen in multiple PRM files where mTsuriHeight is left at -1).
mDisappearFrame The maximum distance that Luigi must get away from the ghost before it "gives up" and disappears. If set to 0, the ghost will never give up and will chase Luigi infinitely.
mAttackPattern1 List of Attack Types
mActAfterAttackSu This boolean will determine whether or not a ghost will attack Luigi again after hitting him. If set to 0, the ghost will keep attacking. If set to 1, the ghost will disappear.
mActAfterAttackFa This boolean will determine whether or not a ghost will attack Luigi again after failing to hit him. If set to 0, the ghost will keep attacking. If set to 1, the ghost will disappear.
mTsuriType List of Fleeing Types
mElement Sets an elemental heart shield over the ghost. This cannot be used on Portrait Ghosts properly. 1 = fire shield, 2 = water shield, 3 = ice shield, 0 = no shield.
mCheckBox Controls the visibility of the ghost circle underneath ghosts. 0 = turned off, 1 = turned on.
mNormalItemTblId Points to an entry in itemappeartable. This item will come out of the ghost after it has been defeated.
mTsuriItemTblId Points to an entry in itemfishingtable. These items will come out of the ghost while it is being captured.
mPointerRange The size of the ghost circle underneath the ghost. The larger or smaller the value, the larger or smaller the circle gets. Note that certain values will make the circle disappear entirely. The model for the circle is located in mapX/j3d_effect/d39_gshadow/. File locations starting with /mapX/ are located in root/Map/mapX.szp.
mBrightColor The main color that the ghost's GEB file should be set to. Note that GEBs are always default white, so they need this color definition.
mAmbColor The shading and visibility applied to the actor's textures. Lower alpha values will make the ghost's textures disappear. For example, changing the mAmbColor to white will lead to a fullbright ghost, and making it black will change it to a dark shaded ghost.
mFrightenLevel Useless, leftover from earlier builds.

List of Files

This is a list of all the different parameter files found in the CTP folder with a brief description of what they're associated with.

Name Description
baby.prm Chauncey
ball1.prm (UNUSED) Beta Ball Ghost
ball2.prm (UNUSED) Beta Ball Ghost
banaoba.prm Garbage Can Ghost
bat1.prm Purple Bat
bat2.prm Yellow Bat
bbaby.prm Boss Chauncey
bfire.prm Bogmire
bomb1.prm Spark (red exploding ghost)
bone1.prm Bone that the Skeleton Ghosts throw
boy1.prm Orville (red twin)
boy2.prm Henry (purple twin)
bshadow2.prm Small Bogmire Shadow
builder.prm Biff Atlas
dancer.prm Floating Whirlinda (Male)
dancer2.prm Floating Whirlinda (Female)
demobak1.prm Foyer / Parlor Cutscene Gold Ghost
denwa.prm Uncle Grimmly
dog01.prm Spooky
doll1.prm Blue Clockwork Soldier
doll2.prm Pink Clockwork Soldier
doll3.prm Green Clockwork Soldier
eater.prm Mr. Luggs
ebone.prm Spooky's Bone
eldoor01.prm Fire Door (Kitchen)
eldoor02.prm Fire Door (Tea Room)
elfire.prm Fire Elemental Ghost
elice.prm Ice Elemental Ghost
elwater.prm Water Elemental Ghost
eskul.prm Mr. Bones
fakedoor.prm Fake Doors in the F1 and F2 hallways
fat.prm Miss Petunia
father.prm Neville
fkdoor2.prm Fake Doors in the Attic
fkdoor3.prm Fake Door in the Laundry Room
gaka.prm Vincent Van Gore
girl.prm Sue Pea
goldrat0.prm Gold Mouse (20% chance - Area 2 hallway)
goldrat1.prm Gold Mouse (20% chance - Area 3 hallway)
goldrat2.prm Gold Mouse (20% chance - Kitchen)
goldrat3.prm Gold Mouse (20% chance - Tea Room)
goldrat4.prm Gold Mouse (20% chance - Sealed Room)
goldrat5.prm Gold Mouse (cheese - Dining Room)
goldrat6.prm Gold Mouse (cheese - Fortune-Teller's Room)
goldrat7.prm Gold Mouse (cheese - Study)
goldrat8.prm Gold Mouse (cheese - Tea Room)
goldrat9.prm Gold Mouse (cheese - Safari Room)
heymask.prm Ghost Guy Mask (solo version)
heymask2.prm Ghost Guy Mask (dancer version)
heypo1.prm Red Ghost Guy (solo)
heypo2.prm Green Ghost Guy (solo)
heypo3.prm White Ghost Guy (dancer)
heypo4.prm Brown Ghost Guy (dancer)
heypo5.prm Orange Ghost Guy (dancer)
heypo6.prm Yellow Ghost Guy (dancer)
heypo7.prm Pink Ghost Guy (dancer)
heypo8.prm Purple Ghost Guy (dancer)
heypo9.prm (UNUSED) Blue Ghost Guy
heypo10.prm (UNUSED) Cyan Ghost Guy
htama1.prm Billiard's Ball (yellow 1 ball)
htama2.prm Billiard's Ball (red 3 ball)
htama3.prm Billiard's Ball (purple 5 ball)
htama4.prm Billiard's Ball (white cue ball)
htubone.prm Red Jarvis (capture-able version)
hustler.prm Slim Bankshot
ibookb.prm (UNUSED) Flying Blue Book
ibookr.prm Flying Red Book in the Study
ifly.prm Flying Frying Pan in the Kitchen
ikuma1.prm Teddy Bear in the Nursery
inabe.prm Flying Small Cooking Pot in the Kitchen
itembomb.prm Big Bomb
itemboms.prm Small Bomb
iyapoo1.prm Speedy Spirit (Storage Room)
iyapoo2.prm Speedy Spirit (Billiards Room)
iyapoo3.prm Speedy Spirit (Dining Room)
iyapoo4.prm Speedy Spirit (Study)
iyapoo5.prm Speedy Spirit (The Twins' Room)
iyapoo6.prm Speedy Spirit (Nana's Room)
iyapoo7.prm Speedy Spirit (Kitchen)
iyapoo8.prm Speedy Spirit (Sealed Room)
iyapoo9.prm Speedy Spirit (Rec Room)
iyapoo10.prm Speedy Spirit (Wardrobe Room)
iyapoo11.prm Speedy Spirit (Cellar)
iyapoo12.prm Speedy Spirit (Breaker Room)
iyapoo13.prm Speedy Spirit (Hidden Room) [Blackout Only]
iyapoo14.prm Speedy Spirit (Conservatory) [Blackout Only]
iyapoo15.prm Speedy Spirit (Nursery) [Blackout Only]
iyapoo16.prm (UNUSED) Speedy Spirit (working actors)
iyapoo17.prm (UNUSED) Speedy Spirit (working actors)
iyapoo18.prm (UNUSED) Speedy Spirit (working actors)
iyapoo19.prm (UNUSED) Speedy Spirit (working actors)
iyapoo20.prm (UNUSED) Speedy Spirit (working actors)
iyapoo21.prm (UNUSED) Speedy Spirit (deleted actors)
iyapoo22.prm (UNUSED) Speedy Spirit (deleted actors)
iyapoo23.prm (UNUSED) Speedy Spirit (deleted actors)
iyapoo24.prm (UNUSED) Speedy Spirit (deleted actors)
iyapoo25.prm (UNUSED) Speedy Spirit (deleted actors)
kopabom.prm Bowser Bomb
kptelesa.prm King Boo
lheart.prm Large Heart
mapoo1.prm Purple Puncher
mapoo2.prm Flash (white Purple Puncher with ice heart)
mgyapoo1 Training Room Gold Ghost
mkinoko.prm Poison Mushroom
mopoo1.prm Blue Twirler
mopoo2.prm Blue Blaze (white Blue Twirler with water heart)
mother.prm Lydia
obaasan.prm Nana
okami1.prm Piano Sheets from Melody Pianissima
otub1.prm Jarvis' Flying Jar #1 (light purple)
otub2.prm Jarvis' Flying Jar #2 (silver)
otub3.prm Jarvis' Flying Jar #3 (pink)
otub4.prm Jarvis' Flying Jar #4 (flower pattern)
otub5.prm Jarvis' Flying Jar #5 (white with blue patterns)
oufo1.prm Flying Tea Room Plate #1 (white border)
oufo2.prm Flying Tea room Plate #2 (blue border)
painist.prm Melody Pianissima
piero1.prm Red Clown Doll
piero2.prm Blue Clown Doll
poo1.prm Purple Flying Fish
poo2.prm Green Flying Fish
putcher1.prm Bowling Ghost
rat1.prm Blue Mouse
rat2.prm (UNUSED) Pink Mouse
rat3.prm Purple Mouse
sheart.prm Small Heart
situji.prm Shivers (the Butler)
skul.prm Skeleton Ghost
snowman.prm Sir Weston
star.prm Meteor Ghost
tabemono.prm Mr. Luggs' Plate of Rice
telesa.prm Boo
telesa1.prm (UNUSED) Boo that uses Boolossus model
tenjyo.prm Purple Bomber
tenjyo2.prm Ceiling Suprise
tomato.prm Bowling Ball (used by the Bowling Ghost)
topoo1.prm Red Grabbing Ghost
topoo2.prm Cyan Grabbing Ghost (invisible)
topoo3.prm Purple Grabbing Ghost (invisible)
topoo4.prm White Grabbing Ghost
tubone.prm Purple Jarvis (minigame version)
uranai.prm Madame Clairvoya
waiter.prm Waiter Ghost
yapoo1.prm Gold Ghost
yapoo2.prm Temper Terror (white Gold Ghost with fire heart)