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A list of the dialog box colors and icons that can be loaded by combining the <WINDOW> and <COLOR>(#) script tags in an event.

Note that file locations are in /data/kawano/dmman/pressed/. This folder is located in root/Game/game.szp on NTSC-J, root/Game/game_usa.szp on NTSC-U, and root/Game/gameX.szp on PAL (there's five archives, one for each language).

# Name Icon Filename Color Offset Hex Color Preview
0 Generic N/A 0x302180 #B928BB Dialogbox - Purple.png
1 E-Gadd hakase_icon.bti 0x302184 #6EA0D4 Dialogbox - E. Gadd.png
2 Gold Ghost (Unused) obake_icon.bti 0x302188 #F0C810 Dialogbox - Gold Ghost.png
3 Luigi luigi_icon.bti 0x30218C #6CE15F Dialogbox - Luigi.png
4 Boo teresa_icon.bti 0x302190 #A656FF Dialogbox - Boo.png
5 Bowser (Unused) kuppa_icon.bti 0x302194 #D70000 Dialogbox - Bowser.png
6 Chauncey baby_icon.bti 0x302198 #1423E8 Dialogbox - Chauncey.png
7 Mario (Unused) mario_icon.bti 0x30219C #FF6464 Dialogbox - Mario.png
8 Lydia mama_icon.bti 0x3021A0 #0A8214 Dialogbox - Lydia.png
9 Madame Clairvoya uranai_icon.bti 0x3021A4 Dialogbox - Madame Clairvoya.png
10 Melody Pianissima piano_icon.bti 0x3021A8 Dialogbox - Melody Pianissima.png
11 Nana (Unused) baba_icon.bti 0x3021AC Dialogbox - Nana.png
12 Twins futago_icon.bti 0x3021B0 Dialogbox - Twins.png
13 Vincent Van Gore art_icon.bti 0x3021B4 Dialogbox - Vincent Van Gore.png
14 Sue Pea girl_icon.bti 0x3021B8 Dialogbox - Sue Pea.png
15 Shivers situji_icon.bti 0x3021BC Dialogbox - Shivers.png
16 Green Toad (Unused) kino_icon.bti 0x3021C0 #3CB4C3 Dialogbox - Green Toad.png
17 Red Toad kino_ri.bti 0x3021C4 #3CB4C3 Dialogbox - Red Toad.png
18 Jarvis tubo_icon.bti 0x3021C8 #0A8214 Dialogbox - Jarvis.png
19 Sir Weston yuki_icon.bti 0x3021CC Dialogbox - Sir Weston.png
20 Mario Item N/A 0x3021D0 #FFA6D7 Dialogbox - Mario Item.png