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A list of all 101 events in the game.

These events can be edited with Eventor.

# Filename Description
0 event00.szp DON'T USE THIS! This is a placeholder event and should not be edited.
1 event01.szp Intro Part 3: Luigi meets E. Gadd in the Parlor.
2 event02.szp Portrificationizer cutscene after each area boss battle.
3 event03.szp Melody Pianissima's dialogue and music trivia minigame. (Includes heart exposure)
4 event04.szp Toad #4: Courtyard.
5 event05.szp (ASM EVENT) Loads the female shadow onto the 2F Bathroom shower curtains.
6 event06.szp (ASM EVENT) Loads the Mario/Bowser models into the Secret Altar painting frame.
7 event07.szp Intro Part 2: Luigi sees the Gold Ghost in the Foyer.
8 event08.szp E. Gadd's Lab dialogue.
9 event09.szp Training Room minigame. (First time)
10 event10.szp Training Room minigame. (Revisit)
11 event11.szp E. Gadd GBH call: Collecting a boss key. (Used for Chauncey's heart key)
12 event12.szp E. Gadd GBH call: Ice Elemental Medal.
13 event13.szp The Twins' dialogue when Luigi exits the room after agreeing to play Hide n' Seek.
14 event14.szp Lydia's dialogue after she notices the draft from the broken window.
15 event15.szp E. Gadd GBH call: Portrait Ghost advice before entering the Study.
16 event16.szp 40 Boos check: deactivates event73 when Luigi has captured at least 40 boos.
17 event17.szp Toad #1: Foyer.
18 event18.szp Mario's Shoe collection text.
19 event19.szp Mario's Letter collection text.
20 event20.szp Mario's Star collection text.
21 event21.szp Mario's Hat collection text.
22 event22.szp Chauncey's dialogue after Luigi wakes him up by vacuuming the rocking chair.
23 event23.szp Spawns Mr. Bones and displays his dialogue after Luigi gets Spooky to bark enough times.
24 event24.szp The Twins spawning and asking to play Hide n' Seek after Luigi twirls their mobile enough times.
25 event25.szp Guest Room flipping back to normal after Luigi defeats Sue Pea.
26 event26.szp E. Gadd's Lab dialogue. (UNUSED debug version)
27 event27.szp Activates Shivers. (Flag 35 ON in the Area 2 hallway)
28 event28.szp E. Gadd's Gallery dialogue.
29 event29.szp E. Gadd GBH call: After catching a Boo.
30 event30.szp Clockwork Room elevator cutscene. (Goes up to the Roof)
31 event31.szp Chauncey's door cutscene.
32 event32.szp Toad #2: 2F Balcony
33 event33.szp Jarvis's dialogue and jar minigame. (Includes heart exposure)
34 event34.szp Miss Petunia's dialogue after Luigi sprays her with ice.
35 event35.szp Storage Room sliding wall cutscene.
36 event36.szp Madame Clairvoya dialogue. (Includes heart exposure)
37 event37.szp Spawns Madame Clairvoya after Luigi shines his flashlight on the crystal ball for long enough.
38 event38.szp Vincent Van Gore's introduction dialogue and the beginning of his mini-boss battle.
39 event39.szp (BOOK) Nana's Moldy Old Journal.
40 event40.szp Roof elevator cutscene. (Goes down to the Clockwork Room)
41 event41.szp Mario's Glove collection text.
42 event42.szp E. Gadd GBH call: Collecting a boss key. (Used for Bogmire's club key)
43 event43.szp Luigi falling into the Roof chimney.
44 event44.szp 3F Balcony lightning cutscene. (Starts Blackout)
45 event45.szp Breaker Room lever cutscene. (Ends Blackout)
46 event46.szp Mario's painting cutscene in the Bottom of the Well.
47 event47.szp 5 Boos check: Toad prevents entry into the 1F Washroom until Luigi collects at least 5 boos.
48 event48.szp Intro Part 1: Camera pans around the Foyer.
49 event49.szp The Twins' minigame and dialogue for when Luigi finds them in their box or makes a mistake.
50 event50.szp Chauncey's dialogue after Luigi hits him with the ball in the Nursery.
51 event51.szp Deactivates event31 (Flag 19 ON in the Area 1 hallway)
52 event52.szp Portrificationizer cutscene: Turning Mario back to normal.
53 event53.szp All Boo spawning dialogue.
54 event54.szp E. Gadd GBH call: Fire Elemental Medal.
55 event55.szp (BOOK) Book of Riddles.
56 event56.szp (BOOK) Neville's Big Baby Care Diary.
57 event57.szp (BOOK) Darkness is Their Cheese!
58 event58.szp (BOOK) Book of Pericles.
59 event59.szp (BOOK) E. Gadd's Guide to Ghosts.
60 event60.szp (BOOK) Lydia's Child-Care Diary.
61 event61.szp Parlor haunted paintings cutscene (after Luigi blows the candles out).
62 event62.szp EMPTY
63 event63.szp Toad #3: 1F Washroom
64 event64.szp Boss Arena Intro #1: Chauncey and his rocking chairs spawn in the crib.
65 event65.szp Zooms in on Bogmire's glowing tombstone after Luigi defeats the three Skeleton Ghosts.

When Luigi is free to move and walks up to the tombstone, Bogmire will spawn.

66 event66.szp Boss Arena Intro #2: Bogmire and a large shadow clone spawn in the cage.
67 event67.szp Teleports Luigi back to the Mansion after an area boss battle.
68 event68.szp The Observatory telescope and rainbow bridge cutscenes.
69 event69.szp Releasing the Boos in the Storage Room. (Includes the E. Gadd GBH call)
70 event70.szp E. Gadd GBH call: Water Elemental Medal.
71 event71.szp Spinning ring of Boos cutscene on the 3F Balcony.
72 event72.szp Boss Arena Intro #3: Boolossus falls from the sky onto the 3F Balcony.
73 event73.szp King Boo's cutscene in the basement hallway when Luigi has less than 40 Boos.
74 event74.szp King Boo's cutscene in the Secret Altar.
75 event75.szp Boss Arena Intro #4: Bowser leaps onto the rooftop and spits fire at Luigi.
76 event76.szp Astral Hall purple candles cutscene. (After Luigi lights all candelabras in the room)
77 event77.szp Game Boy Horror: Furniture descriptions. (Matches furnitureinfo 'counter' values)
78 event78.szp Game Boy Horror: Ghosts' heart descriptions. (Matches characterinfo 'message' values)
79 event79.szp Viewing a portrait in the Gallery.
80 event80.szp E. Gadd GBH call: Collecting a boss key. (Used for Boolossus' diamond key)
81 event81.szp Shivers' dialogue after Luigi lights his candles.
82 event82.szp Vincent Van Gore admitting defeat and exposing his heart.
83 event83.szp Luigi landing in the Sealed Room after falling through the chimney.
84 event84.szp Pipe Room water shutoff cutscene.
85 event85.szp The Mysterious Power of the Boos' cutscene when Luigi has collected less than 20 boos.
86 event86.szp Sue Pea's dialogue after Luigi sprays her with water for the 3rd time.
87 event87.szp Sue Pea's intro cutscene and dialogue.
88 event88.szp E. Gadd GBH Call: Rescuing the Mario Painting from the Secret Altar after the final battle.
89 event89.szp Sir Weston's dialogue after Luigi lights the two campfires next to the ice block.
90 event90.szp Fake Bowser death cutscene after Luigi defeats King Boo.
91 event91.szp E. Gadd GBH call: Grabbing Ghost advice after clearing the 1F Bathroom.
92 event92.szp Blackout phone ringing activation. (Flag 11 ON in the west attic hallway)
93 event93.szp Telephone call(s) with Toad during the blackout.
94 event94.szp Telephone call with E. Gadd during the blackout.
95 event95.szp Golden Rat #1 spawner. (Used in the hallway near the Foyer)
96 event96.szp 20 Boos check: Deactivates event85 when Luigi has captured at least 20 Boos.
97 event97.szp Golden Rat #2 spawner. (Used in the hallway near the Sealed Room)
98 event98.szp Golden Rat #3 spawner. (Used in the Kitchen)
99 event99.szp Golden Rat #4 spawner. (Used in the Tea Room)
100 event100.szp Golden Rat #5 spawner. (Used in the Sealed Room)
101 event101.szp Deactivates event76. (Flag 198 OFF in the Astral Hall)