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A list of all 101 events in the game. Events parse through Script Tags in a forward direction and can never go backwards, executing each tag one frame at a time until the <END> tag is reached. Whenever any event is loaded, ASM code specific to that event is loaded before the first tag is executed. The offsets to each event's accompanying ASM code is listed below.

These events can be edited with Eventor. They are located in root/Event.

Event Accompanying Code's Offset Accompanying Code's Pointer Offset Accompanying Code's RAM Address Uses ASM? (If No, it's a blr) Event Description
event00 0x29904 0x2FD478 8002CBA4 Yes This is a placeholder event.
event01 0x2992C 0x2FD47C 8002CBCC Yes Intro Part 3: Luigi meets E. Gadd in the Parlor.
event02 0x29974 0x2FD480 8002CC14 Yes Portrificationizer cutscene after each area boss battle.
event03 0x299BC 0x2FD484 8002CC5C Yes Melody Pianissima's dialogue and music trivia minigame. (Includes heart exposure)
event04 0x299E4 0x2FD488 8002CC84 No Toad #4: Courtyard.
event05 0x29A38 0x2FD48C 8002CCD8 Yes (ASM ONLY EVENT) Loads the female shadow onto the 2F Bathroom shower curtains.
event06 0x29B18 0x2FD490 8002CDB8 Yes (ASM ONLY EVENT) Loads the Mario/Bowser models into the Secret Altar painting frame.
event07 0x29C60 0x2FD494 8002CF00 No Intro Part 2: Luigi sees the Gold Ghost in the Foyer.
event08 0x29C6C 0x2FD498 8002CF0C No E. Gadd's Lab dialogue.
event09 0x29C78 0x2FD49C 8002CF18 No Training Room minigame. (First time)
event10 0x29C84 0x2FD4A0 8002CF24 No Training Room minigame. (Revisit)
event11 0x29C90 0x2FD4A4 8002CF30 No E. Gadd GBH call: Collecting a boss key. (Used for Chauncey's heart key)
event12 0x29C9C 0x2FD4A8 8002CF3C No E. Gadd GBH call: Ice Elemental Medal.
event13 0x29CA8 0x2FD4AC 8002CF48 No The Twins' dialogue when Luigi exits the room after agreeing to play Hide n' Seek.
event14 0x29CB4 0x2FD4B0 8002CF54 No Lydia's dialogue after she notices the draft from the broken window.
event15 0x29CC0 0x2FD4B4 8002CF60 No E. Gadd GBH call: Portrait Ghost advice before entering the Study.
event16 0x29CCC 0x2FD4B8 8002CF6C No 40 Boos check: deactivates event73 when Luigi has captured at least 40 boos.
event17 0x29CD8 0x2FD4BC 8002CF78 No Toad #1: Foyer.
event18 0x29CE4 0x2FD4C0 8002CF84 No Mario's Shoe collection text.
event19 0x29CF0 0x2FD4C4 8002CF90 No Mario's Letter collection text.
event20 0x29CFC 0x2FD4C8 8002CF9C No Mario's Star collection text.
event21 0x29D08 0x2FD4CC 8002CFA8 No Mario's Hat collection text.
event22 0x29D14 0x2FD4D0 8002CFB4 No Chauncey's dialogue after Luigi wakes him up by vacuuming the rocking chair.
event23 0x29D20 0x2FD4D4 8002CFC0 No Spawns Mr. Bones and displays his dialogue after Luigi gets Spooky to bark enough times.
event24 0x29D2C 0x2FD4D8 8002CFCC No The Twins spawning and asking to play Hide n' Seek after Luigi twirls their mobile enough times.
event25 0x29D54 0x2FD4DC 8002CFF4 No Guest Room flipping back to normal after Luigi defeats Sue Pea.
event26 0x29D60 0x2FD4E0 8002D000 No (UNUSED) Debug version of E. Gadd's Lab dialogue.
event27 0x29D6C 0x2FD4E4 8002D00C No Activates Shivers. (Flag 35 ON in the Area 2 hallway)
event28 0x29D78 0x2FD4E8 8002D018 No E. Gadd's Gallery dialogue.
event29 0x29D84 0x2FD4EC 8002D024 No E. Gadd GBH call: After catching a Boo.
event30 0x29D90 0x2FD4F0 8002D030 No Clockwork Room elevator cutscene. (Goes up to the Roof)
event31 0x29D9C 0x2FD4F4 8002D03C No Chauncey's door cutscene.
event32 0x29DA8 0x2FD4F8 8002D048 No Toad #2: 2F Balcony
event33 0x29DB4 0x2FD4FC 8002D054 No Jarvis's dialogue and jar minigame. (Includes heart exposure)
event34 0x29DC0 0x2FD500 8002D060 No Miss Petunia's dialogue after Luigi sprays her with ice.
event35 0x29DCC 0x2FD504 8002D06C Yes Storage Room sliding wall cutscene.
event36 0x29DF4 0x2FD508 8002D094 No Madame Clairvoya dialogue. (Includes heart exposure)
event37 0x29E00 0x2FD50C 8002D0A0 No Spawns Madame Clairvoya after Luigi shines his flashlight on the crystal ball for long enough.
event38 0x29E0C 0x2FD510 8002D0AC No Vincent Van Gore's introduction dialogue and the beginning of his mini-boss battle.
event39 0x29E18 0x2FD514 8002D0B8 No Book: Nana's Moldy Old Journal.
event40 0x29E24 0x2FD518 8002D0C4 No Roof elevator cutscene. (Goes down to the Clockwork Room)
event41 0x29E30 0x2FD51C 8002D0D0 No Mario's Glove collection text.
event42 0x29E3C 0x2FD520 8002D0DC No E. Gadd GBH call: Collecting a boss key. (Used for Bogmire's club key)
event43 0x29E48 0x2FD524 8002D0E8 No Luigi falling into the Roof chimney.
event44 0x29E54 0x2FD528 8002D0F4 No 3F Balcony lightning cutscene. (Starts Blackout)
event45 0x29E60 0x2FD52C 8002D100 No Breaker Room lever cutscene. (Ends Blackout)
event46 0x29E6C 0x2FD530 8002D10C No Mario's painting cutscene in the Bottom of the Well.
event47 0x29E78 0x2FD534 8002D118 No 5 Boos check: Toad prevents entry into the 1F Washroom until Luigi collects at least 5 boos.
event48 0x29E84 0x2FD538 8002D124 No Intro Part 1: Camera pans around the Foyer.
event49 0x29E90 0x2FD53C 8002D130 No The Twins' minigame and dialogue for when Luigi finds them in their box or makes a mistake.
event50 0x29E9C 0x2FD540 8002D13C No Chauncey's dialogue after Luigi hits him with the ball in the Nursery.
event51 0x29EA8 0x2FD544 8002D148 No Deactivates event31 (Flag 19 ON in the Area 1 hallway)
event52 0x29ED4 0x2FD548 8002D174 Yes Portrificationizer cutscene: Turning Mario back to normal.
event53 0x29F1C 0x2FD54C 8002D1BC No All Boo spawning dialogue.
event54 0x29F28 0x2FD550 8002D1C8 No E. Gadd GBH call: Fire Elemental Medal.
event55 0x29F34 0x2FD554 8002D1D4 No Book: Book of Riddles.
event56 0x29F40 0x2FD558 8002D1E0 No Book: Neville's Big Baby Care Diary.
event57 0x29F4C 0x2FD55C 8002D1EC No Book: Darkness is Their Cheese!
event58 0x29F58 0x2FD560 8002D1F8 No Book: Book of Pericles.
event59 0x29F64 0x2FD564 8002D204 No Book: E. Gadd's Guide to Ghosts.
event60 0x29F70 0x2FD568 8002D210 No Book: Lydia's Child-Care Diary.
event61 0x29F7C 0x2FD56C 8002D21C No Parlor haunted paintings cutscene (after Luigi blows the candles out).
event62 0x29F88 0x2FD570 8002D228 No (UNUSED) Empty
event63 0x29F94 0x2FD574 8002D234 No Toad #3: 1F Washroom
event64 0x29FA0 0x2FD578 8002D240 No Boss Arena Intro #1: Chauncey and his rocking chairs spawn in the crib.
event65 0x29FD8 0x2FD57C 8002D278 No Zooms in on Bogmire's glowing tombstone after Luigi defeats the three Skeleton Ghosts. When Luigi is free to move and walks up to the tombstone, Bogmire will spawn.
event66 0x29FE4 0x2FD580 8002D284 No Boss Arena Intro #2: Bogmire and a large shadow clone spawn in the cage.
event67 0x29FF0 0x2FD584 8002D290 No Teleports Luigi back to the Mansion after an area boss battle.
event68 0x29FFC 0x2FD588 8002D29C No The Observatory telescope and rainbow bridge cutscenes.
event69 0x2A024 0x2FD58C 8002D2C4 No Releasing the Boos in the Storage Room. (Includes the E. Gadd GBH call)
event70 0x2A030 0x2FD590 8002D2D0 No E. Gadd GBH call: Water Elemental Medal.
event71 0x2A03C 0x2FD594 8002D2DC No Spinning ring of Boos cutscene on the 3F Balcony.
event72 0x2A048 0x2FD598 8002D2E8 No Boss Arena Intro #3: Boolossus falls from the sky onto the 3F Balcony.
event73 0x2A054 0x2FD59C 8002D2F4 No King Boo's cutscene in the basement hallway when Luigi has less than 40 Boos.
event74 0x2A060 0x2FD5A0 8002D300 No King Boo's cutscene in the Secret Altar.
event75 0x2A06C 0x2FD5A4 8002D30C No Boss Arena Intro #4: Bowser leaps onto the rooftop and spits fire at Luigi.
event76 0x2A0A8 0x2FD5A8 8002D348 No Astral Hall purple candles cutscene. (After Luigi lights all candelabras in the room)
event77 0x2A0B4 0x2FD5AC 8002D354 No Game Boy Horror: Furniture descriptions. (Matches furnitureinfo 'counter' values)
event78 0x2A0C0 0x2FD5B0 8002D360 No Game Boy Horror: Ghosts' heart descriptions. (Matches characterinfo 'message' values)
event79 0x2A0CC 0x2FD5B4 8002D36C No Viewing a portrait in the Gallery.
event80 0x2A0D8 0x2FD5B8 8002D378 No E. Gadd GBH call: Collecting a boss key. (Used for Boolossus' diamond key)
event81 0x2A0E4 0x2FD5BC 8002D384 No Shivers' dialogue after Luigi lights his candles.
event82 0x2A0F0 0x2FD5C0 8002D390 No Vincent Van Gore admitting defeat and exposing his heart.
event83 0x2A0FC 0x2FD5C4 8002D39C No Luigi landing in the Sealed Room after falling through the chimney.
event84 0x2A108 0x2FD5C8 8002D3A8 No Pipe Room water shutoff cutscene.
event85 0x2A114 0x2FD5CC 8002D3B4 No The Mysterious Power of the Boos' cutscene when Luigi has collected less than 20 boos.
event86 0x2A120 0x2FD5D0 8002D3C0 No Sue Pea's dialogue after Luigi sprays her with water for the 3rd time.
event87 0x2A12C 0x2FD5D4 8002D3CC No Sue Pea's intro cutscene and dialogue.
event88 0x2A138 0x2FD5D8 8002D3D8 No E. Gadd GBH Call: Rescuing the Mario Painting from the Secret Altar after the final battle.
event89 0x2A144 0x2FD5DC 8002D3E4 No Sir Weston's dialogue after Luigi lights the two campfires next to the ice block.
event90 0x2A150 0x2FD5E0 8002D3F0 No Fake Bowser death cutscene after Luigi defeats King Boo.
event91 0x2A15C 0x2FD5E4 8002D3FC No E. Gadd GBH call: Grabbing Ghost advice after clearing the 1F Bathroom.
event92 0x2A168 0x2FD5E8 8002D408 No Blackout phone ringing activation. (Flag 11 ON in the west attic hallway)
event93 0x2A174 0x2FD5EC 8002D414 No Telephone call(s) with Toad during the blackout.
event94 0x2A180 0x2FD5F0 8002D420 No Telephone call with E. Gadd during the blackout.
event95 0x2A18C 0x2FD5F4 8002D42C No Golden Rat #1 spawner. (Used in the hallway near the Foyer)
event96 0x2A198 0x2FD5F8 8002D438 No 20 Boos check: Deactivates event85 when Luigi has captured at least 20 Boos.
event97 0x2A1A4 0x2FD5FC 8002D444 No Golden Rat #2 spawner. (Used in the hallway near the Sealed Room)
event98 0x2A1B0 0x2FD600 8002D450 No Golden Rat #3 spawner. (Used in the Kitchen)
event99 0x2A1BC 0x2FD604 8002D45C No Golden Rat #4 spawner. (Used in the Tea Room)
event100 0x2A1C8 0x2FD608 8002D468 No Golden Rat #5 spawner. (Used in the Sealed Room)
event101 0x2A1D4 0x2FD60C 8002D474 No Deactivates event76. (Flag 198 OFF in the Astral Hall)
event102 0x2A1E0 0x2FD610 8002D480 No (UNUSED) Event archive must be created.
event103 0x2A1EC 0x2FD614 8002D48C No (UNUSED) Event archive must be created.
event104 0x2A1F8 0x2FD618 8002D498 No (UNUSED) Event archive must be created.
event105 0x2A204 0x2FD61C 8002D4A4 No (UNUSED) Event archive must be created.
event106 0x2A210 0x2FD620 8002D4B0 No (UNUSED) Event archive must be created.
event107 0x2A21C 0x2FD624 8002D4BC No (UNUSED) Event archive must be created.
event108 0x2A228 0x2FD628 8002D4C8 No (UNUSED) Event archive must be created.