Documentation:Furniture Money

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When a furniture is opened, it spawns the item listed in item_table which links to an item in itemappeartable. However, if the item linked is called money, then a specific generate value must be given in the jump table furnitureinfo so that the game knows what money to spawn. The amount spawned will depend on generate_num.

Note that file locations starting with /data/ are located in root/Game/game.szp on NTSC-J, root/Game/game_usa.szp on NTSC-U, and root/Game/gameX.szp on PAL (there's five archives, one for each language). File locations starting with /mapX/ are located in root/Map/mapX.szp.

Number Name File Location Amount Spawnable Description
0 nothing N/A N/A A placeholder entry used to spawn no money if desired.
1 Coins /data/kt_static/coin.bmd 0-200. A generic coin worth 5,000G. Luigi will lose these if he gets damaged.
2 Paper Bills /data/kt_static/osatu.bmd 0-90. Paper bills worth 20,000G.
3 Coins and Paper Bills /data/kt_static/coin.bmd 0-90. Coins and bills at the same time. The generate_num value will spawn the same amount of both.
4 Sapphires /map2/j3d_effect/item/sapphire.bmd 0-3. Sapphires worth 500,000G.
5 Rubies /map2/j3d_effect/item/ruby.bmd 0-3. Rubies worth 1,000,000G.
6 Emeralds /map2/j3d_effect/item/emerald.bmd 0-3. Emeralds worth 800,000G.
7 Gold Bars /map2/j3d_effect/item/gold.bmd 0-2. Gold bars worth 100,000G.
8 Red Diamonds /map2/j3d_effect/item/cdia.bmd 0-3. Fake red diamonds worth 5,000G, the same as a coin.