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A list of all the sound effects that can be played with the <SE>(#) tag in an event. Note that any sound effects that are set to loop must be played with <LEVSE>(#) and stopped with <LEVSTOP>(#), or else they will play forever.

Intro Cutscene Section

These sound effects are used in the intro cutscenes that only play out on a new save file.

Number Loops? (Use LEVSE) Description Audio
0 No Key hitting the ground after the Foyer ghost drops it.
1 No E. Gadd groaning.
2 No E. Gadd: "Soy-Soh". (Has some stray notes at the end)
3 No E. Gadd shouting while the gold ghost drags him around.
4 No E. Gadd screaming.
5 No Same as 1.
6 No Foyer ghost diving into the Parlor doors.
7 No Ghost disappearing.
8 Yes Poltergust vacuuming.
9 No Strange 8-bit melody. (UNUSED)
10-78 N/A Empty.

Miscellaneous Section #1

Collection of random sound effects used in various situations.

Number Loops? (Use LEVSE) Description Audio
79 Yes Guest Bedroom rotating.
80 No Guest Bedroom locking into place.
81 No Toad crying when you first talk to him.
82 No Toad: "Wow!"
83 No Foyer Toad crying when he asks you to help him find Mario.
84 No Toad: "Yahoo!"
85 No Toad: "Mama-mia!"
86 No Chauncey crying when Luigi enters the boss-arena.
87 No Chauncey crying during the Nursery door cutscene.
88 N/A Empty.
89 No Ghost laughing. (When Luigi blows the Parlor candles out / Luigi gets hit by a fake door)
90 No Rocking horse flying sound.
91 No Luigi knocking on the 1F Washroom door.
92 No Rainbow bridge spawn sound.
93 No Correct guess / Mystery solved jingle.
94 No Incorrect guess jingle.
95 No King Boo laughter.
96 No Bowser Painting inhalation sound.
97 No Twins: "YOO-HOO"
98 No Mario crashing onto the ground after being ejected from the Portrificationizer. This SFX does not exist in the JP version.
99-100 N/A Empty. (Sometimes glitched E. Gadd noises on JP)

E. Gadd Noises Section

All of E. Gadd's noises phonetically typed out.

Number Loops? (Use LEVSE) Description Audio
101 No E. Gadd: "Tatta Tatta!"
102 No E. Gadd: "Tatta Tatta Tatta!"
103 No E. Gadd: "Ho-ho-Ho-ho-Ho!.. oh" (UNUSED)
104 No E. Gadd: "Hoo.. Hoo.. Hoo!"
105 No E. Gadd: "Odoh! Mah Mah"
106 No E. Gadd: "Oui, Oomahkah"
107 No E. Gadd: "Yahboh Yahboh"
108 No E. Gadd: "Yahboh Yahboh" (Same as 107 but higher tone)
109 No E. Gadd: "Yahmum Bah"
110 No E. Gadd: "YahMum Bah" (Similar to 109 but more confident tone)
111 No E. Gadd: "Ehdeedee"
112 No E. Gadd: "Seedapee, Ohyah!"
113 No E. Gadd: "Keeyehroo, Suu.."
114 No E. Gadd: "Keekehrookukukay!" (Very fast delivery)
115 No E. Gadd: "Jeemee Jeemee"
116 No E. Gadd: "Nohjeebeedoggy" (UNUSED)
117 No E. Gadd: "Oydohroh? Odoh!"
118 No E. Gadd: "Ohyah, Mee"
119 No E. Gadd: "Pen Pen"
120 No E. Gadd: "Tahmehno Tahkeh" (UNUSED)
121 No E. Gadd: "Soh Suu Suhm" (UNUSED)
122 No E. Gadd: "Suku Suku" (UNUSED)
123 No E. Gadd: "Oui, Dehkooroo Hah!" (UNUSED)
124 No Same as 107.
125 No Same as 109.
126 No E. Gadd: "Oh.. Yah.. Yahboh Yahboh!" (UNUSED)
127 No E. Gadd: "Hey Hey! Suu.." (UNUSED)
128 No E. Gadd: "Mee? Kehkeh"
129 No E. Gadd laughing "Hahahahahahaha" (Long version)
130 No E. Gadd laughing "Hahaha" (Short version)
131 No E. Gadd laughing "Squirtsquirtsquirt" (Weird squirt bottle laugh) (UNUSED)
132 No E. Gadd: "Luigi"
133 No E. Gadd: "Luigi?" (Less confident tone than 132)
134 No Same as 132.
135 No E. Gadd: "Luigi!" (Whispering)
136 No E. Gadd: "Oydohroh?"
137 No E. Gadd: "Mm? Oydohroh?"
138 No E. Gadd: "Mm?" (UNUSED)
139 No E. Gadd: "Mm? Ohrohroh?" (UNUSED)
140 No E. Gadd: "Nojeebeedoggy, Ohmoogah?" (UNUSED)
141 No E. Gadd: "Hap-Poh! Tatta Tatta!"
142 No E. Gadd: "Odoh! Pahn Pahn"
143 No E. Gadd: "Gay-Roon Poheh, Hap-Poh!"
144 No E. Gadd: "Yahboh Yahboh, Hoo.. Hoo.. Hoo!"
145 No E. Gadd: "Odoh! Mah, Mah, Bohh.."
146 No E. Gadd: "Oui, Oomahkah. Tahmentahkeh.." (UNUSED)
147 No E. Gadd: "Nohjeebeedoggy, Soh-kah, Oydohroh?"
148 No E. Gadd: "Mee, Oomahkah. Yahboh Yahboh!" (Higher tone like 108)
149 No E. Gadd: "Oui, Ohyah, Yahmum Bah" (Less confident tone like 109)
150 No E. Gadd: "Hoo.. Hoo! Jeemee Jeemee, Kehkeh"
151 No E. Gadd: "Gay-Roon Ehdeedee, Odoh!"
152 No E. Gadd: "Soy-Soh Ooh, Soh-Kah, CK CK"
153 No E. Gadd: "Keeyehroo, Suu.. Suku Suku"
154 No E. Gadd: "Suku suku, Oui? Soh Suu Suhm" (UNUSED)
155 No E. Gadd: "Oh-Tohmah, Poheh, Jeemee Jeemee"
156 No E. Gadd: "Hey Hey Nohjeebeedoggy, Oomahkah"
157 No E. Gadd: "Suku suku, Oydohroh? Odoh!"
158 No E. Gadd: "Mee, Ohyah, Mee"
159 No E. Gadd: "Suku Suku, CK CK" (UNUSED)
160 No E. Gadd: "Hey Hey Suu, Tahmentahkeh.."
161 No E. Gadd: "Oui, Soh Suu Suhm, CK CK"
162 No E. Gadd: "Suu, Mee. Soy-Soh Ooh" (UNUSED)
163 No E. Gadd: "Oui, Suu. Soy-Soh Ooh"
164 No E. Gadd: "Soy-Soh Ooh. Tahmentahkeh.."
165 No E. Gadd: "Oui, Soy-Soh Ooh. CK CK"
166 No E. Gadd: "Hey Hey, Suu, Dehkooroo Hah!"
167 No Same as 165.
168 No Same as 166.
169 No E. Gadd: "Oui, Hahahahahahaha" (Long laugh)
170 No E. Gadd: "Hahaha, Oomakah, Hahahahahahaha" (Short laugh, then long laugh) (UNUSED)
171 No E. Gadd: "Bohh.. Squirtsquirtsquirt" (Weird squirt bottle laugh)
172 No E. Gadd: "Luigi Odoh!"
173 No E. Gadd: "Ohyahmah, Luigi?" (Less confident tone like 133)
174 No E. Gadd: "Luigi, Oui"
175 No E. Gadd: "Odoh! Luigi" (Whispers "Luigi" like 135)
176 No E. Gadd: "Oui, Oydohroh? Tahmentahkeh.."
177 No E. Gadd: "Mm? Ohyahmah. Oydohroh?" (UNUSED)
178 No E. Gadd: "Ohyahmah, Hey Hey Oui" (UNUSED)
179 No E. Gadd: "Hmmm.. Nohjeebeedoggy Ohmoogah?"
180 No E. Gadd: "Oui... Oydohroh... Tahmentahkeh..." (Similar to 176 but longer gaps between words)
181 No E. Gadd: "Hap-Poh Oomahkah, Tatta Tatta!"
182 No E. Gadd: "Orohroh Odoh! Pahn Pahn"
183 No E. Gadd: "Yahmum Bah, Poheh, Hap-Poh!" (More confident tone like 110)
184 No E. Gadd: "Ooh-Ooh Yahboh Yahboh, Hoo.. Hoo.. Hoo!"
185 No E. Gadd: "Pen Pen Odoh! Mah Mah Poheh"
186 No E. Gadd: "Nohjeebeedoggy, Oui, Oohmakah, Tahmentahkeh..."
187 No E. Gadd: "Mm? Nohjeebeedoggy, Ohyah. Oydohroh?"
188 No E. Gadd: "Mee, Oomakah, Suku Suku, Yahboh Yahboh!"
189 No Same as 187.
190 No Same as 188.
191 No E. Gadd: "Gay-Roon Ehdeedee, Odoh! Tahmentahkeh..."
192 No E. Gadd: "Soh Suu Suhm Ehdeedee, CK CK, Suku Suku"
193 No E. Gadd: "Keeyehroo, Suu, Suku Suku, CK CK"
194 No E. Gadd: "Suku Suku, Oui, Soh Suu Suhm, Tahmehno Tahkeh"
195 No E. Gadd: "Oh-Tohmah, Poheh, Jeemee Jeemee, Pen Pen"
196 No E. Gadd: "Hey Hey, Nohjeebeedoggy, Oomahkah, Ooh-Ooh"
197 No E. Gadd: "Soy-Soh Ooh, Suku Suku, Oydohroh? Odoh!"
198 No E. Gadd: "Oh-Tohmah, Mee, Ohyah, Tahmehno Tahkeh"
199 No E. Gadd: "Suku Suku, CK CK, Yahboh Yahboh"
200 No E. Gadd: "Hey Hey Suu, Tahmentahkeh... Oydohroh?
201 No E. Gadd: "Oui, Soh Suu Suhm CK CK, Yuuuohh"
202 No E. Gadd: "Suu, Kehkeh, Soy-Soh Ooh, Soh-Kah, Mee"
203 No E. Gadd: "Soy-Soh Ooh, Oh-Tohmah, CK CK, Bohh.."
204 No E. Gadd: "Soy-Soh Ooh, Oh-Tohmah, Tahmehno Tahkeh, Bohh.."
205 No E. Gadd: "Oomahkah, Oui Soy-Soh Ooh, CK CK"
206 No E. Gadd: "Soy-Soh Ooh Hey Hey, Suu, Dehkooroo Hah!"
207 No Same as 205.
208 No Same as 206.
209 No E. Gadd: "Ohmoogah? Luigi Odoh!"
210 No E. Gadd: "Hahaha, Oomahkah Bohh.. Squirtsquirtsquirt" (Short laugh, then weird squirt bottle laugh)
211 No E. Gadd: "Ohyah, Squirtsquirtsquirt, Bohh.." (Weird squirt bottle laugh)
212 No Same as 209.
213 No E. Gadd: "Ohyahmah, Luigi? CK CK" (less confident tone like 133) (UNUSED)
214 No E. Gadd: "Mah Mah Mah Luigi. Oui"
215 No E. Gadd: "Odoh! Luigi! Tahmentahkeh.., Suku Suku" (Whispers "Luigi" like 135)
216 No E. Gadd: "Hmmm.. Nohjeebeedoggy, Oui, Ohmoogah?"
217 No E. Gadd: "Mm? Poheh, Oyahmah, Oydohroh?"
218 No E. Gadd: "Ohyah, Ohyahmah, Hey Hey, Oui"
219 No E. Gadd: "Seedapee, Nohjeebeedoggy, Soh Suu Suhm, Oydohroh?"
220 No Same as 218.

Miscellaneous Section #2 (US/PAL ONLY)

Another collection of random sound effects used in various situations. IMPORTANT NOTE: These 6 sound effects do not exist in the Japanese version. This shifts the values of the remaining sound effects down by 6.

JP Number US/PAL Number Loops? (Use LEVSE) Description Audio
N/A 221 No Bogmire warping Luigi.
N/A 222 No Drum Hit. (Rising) (UNUSED)
N/A 223 No Melody laughing.
N/A 224 No Sir Weston yelling.
N/A 225 No Van Gore yelling.
N/A 226 No King Boo yelling when seeing Luigi's Poltergust for the first time.

BGM Section

Nintendo used the <BGM> tag to play these, but they can also be played with <SE> and <LEVSE>. Note that doing so will disable any BGM currently playing. IMPORTANT NOTE: The Rainbow Bridge Cutscene BGM does not exist in the JP version, further shifting the numbers of the Furniture Noises Section by 7 instead of 6.

JP Number US/PAL Number Loops? (Use LEVSE) Description Audio
221 227 No Key Ghost Cutscene
222 228 No Meeting E Gadd Cutscene
223 229 No SMB1 Underwater theme for Melody's Quiz
224 230 No SMB3 Overworld theme for Melody's Quiz
225 231 No Totaka's Song for Melody's Quiz (UNUSED)
226 232 No Talking/Shaking Paintings Cutscene
227 233 No Telescope Cutscene
228 234 Yes Dark Rooms Theme (LuigiSings)
229 235 Yes Training Room Battle Theme
230 236 No Chauncey's Door Cutscene
231 237 No First Time in the Mansion Cutscene
232 238 Yes Toad's Theme
233 239 No Toad Turns the Lights On
234 240 Yes Training Room Interruption
235 241 No Training Room Judgement
236 242 No Chauncey's Battle Intro
237 243 Yes Chauncey's Battle Theme
238 244 No Bogmire's Tombstone Begins to Glow
239 245 No Bogmire's Battle Intro
240 246 Yes Bogmire's Battle Theme
241 247 No Boolossus' Battle Intro
242 248 No SMB1 Jingle (UNUSED)
243 249 Yes Boolossus' Battle Theme
244 250 Yes Melody Pianissima's Battle Theme
245 251 Yes Toad's Theme (Duplicate of 238) (UNUSED)
246 252 Yes Portrification Process (Regular)
247 253 Yes Boss Room Cleared Theme
248 254 No Portrification Process (Reversed)
249 255 N/A Intentional Silence.
250 256 No Mario Saved (End of Game)
251 257 Yes Portrait Ghost Theme
252 258 Yes Portrait Ghost Minigame Theme
253 259 Yes Portrait Ghost Battle Theme
254 260 Yes Chauncey Wakes Up Theme
255 261 Yes Gameboy Horror Ringtone
256 262 Yes E. Gadd Call Theme
257 263 No Sliding Wall Cutscene
258 264 No Water Shutoff Cutscene
259 265 No Candles Turning Purple Cutscene
260 266 No Rescuing Mario Painting Cutscene
261 267 No Mario Trapped in Painting Cutscene
262 268 No Drum Beat (UNUSED)
263 269 No Mario in the Painting Cutscene (Short Version)
264 270 No Sue Pea Intro Cutscene
265 271 No Boo Warping Luigi Sound
266 272 No Releasing the Boos Cutscene
267 273 Yes Boo Catching Theme
268 274 Yes Less Than 40 or 45 Boos Cutscene
269 275 Yes Less Than 20 Boos Cutscene
270 276 Yes King Boo Theme
271 277 No Bowser Battle Intro
272 278 Yes Bowser Battle Theme
273 279 No Getting Sucked into the Bowser Painting
N/A 280 No Rainbow Bridge Cutscene. This BGM does not exist in the JP version)

Furniture Noises Section

Strange collection of furniture noises able to be accessed. All of these are unused in events.

JP Number US/PAL Number Loops? (Use LEVSE) Description Audio
274 281 No Door rumbling.
275 282 No Knocking on wood.
276 283 No Same as 281.
277 284 No Tapping on wood.
278 285 No Wood rattling.
279 286 No Wood rattling. (Faster speed)
280 287 No Tapping on thick metal.
281 288 No Tapping on thin metal.
282 289 No Slamming sound.
283 290 No Tapping on plastic.
284 291 No Leaves rustling.
285 292 No Heavy object hitting the ground.
286 293 No Heavy object breaking.
287 294 No Drawer opening.
288 295 No Harp hit.
289 296 No Cello hit.
290 297 No Marimba hit.
291 298 No Timpani hit.
292 299 No Same as 298.
293 300 No Same as 298.
294 301 No Saxhorn hit.
295 302 No Strange noise. (Cuts off)
296 303 No Metal clanging.
297 304 No Metal crunching.
298 305 No Tapping on thin glass.
299 306 No Tapping on thick glass.
300 307 No Muffled metal tap. (Lowest pitch)
301 308 No Muffled metal tap. (Highest pitch)
302 309 No Muffled metal tap.
303 320 N/A Empty.
304-310 310-319 No Static sounds.