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Documentation on eventinfo, the jump table that tells the game where and when events should occur.

eventinfo can be edited with Jumpah.

Field Type Proper Values Description
name String Any string. Nintendo put the string event here, but you don't have to do this. Instead, you can use it to organize your events.
CharacterName String The name of an actor in characterinfo. Checks if EventNo in the eventinfo entry matches with event_set_no in a currently living characterinfo entry. If there's a match, the event will be allowed to activate. If the actor is dead, then the event will not activate.
pos_x Float Coordinates within the map's boundaries. These are the exact coordinates of the eventinfo entry.
pos_y Float
pos_z Float
dir_x Float N/A Useless.
dir_y Float
dir_z Float
scale_x Float N/A Useless.
scale_y Float
scale_z Float
EventNo Integer 0-255. The event szp number to load from the Event folder.
EventArea Integer Any positive integer. This is the size of the zone that the event will occur in. It will be centered at pos_x, pos_y, and pos_z. The 3D shape of the event zone is a cylinder (with area = EventArea) that extends to the ceiling of any room.
EventFlag Integer 0-255. This flag will allow the eventinfo entry to work.
EventTime Integer 0-99. This is the lower bound of the hour value. These fields make an eventinfo entry activate only when the GBH clock is in a certain range.
EventTime2 Integer 0-99. This is the lower bound of the minute value.
EventTime3 Integer 0-99. This is the upper bound of the hour value.
EventTime4 Integer 0-99. This is the upper bound of the minute value.
EventLoad Integer Any integer. The number of times the eventinfo entry should load before being disabled forever. If EventLoad is set to 0, it will never be disabled.
disappear_flag Integer 0-255. This flag will prevent the eventinfo entry from working.
event_parameter Integer If it's for a painting in the Gallery, then 0-23 and 100. This number will match the ghost of the portrait to show in the Gallery. event_parameter will only be accessed when the script tag <GALLERY> is used. If the number 100 is given, then the Mansion Rank Painting will be shown instead of a Portrait Ghost.
EventIf Integer 0-6. EventIf Types
EventLock Boolean 0 or 1. If set to 1, then while the event runs, it won't be interrupted by another event. If set to 0, then the event can be interrupted. Note that the ASM events 5 and 6 can interrupt an event even if it has EventLock set to 1.
PlayerStop Boolean 0 or 1. If set to 1, Luigi will be frozen for the brief time before the event script is loaded. If set to 0, then Luigi will be free during this time.