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Documentation on one of the stranger jump tables, objinfo. This file deals with few actors and is heavily dependent on hardcoded behaviors.

objinfo can be edited with Jumpah.

Field Type Proper Values Description
name String Object names. Objects
path_name String N/A Useless.
CodeName String Any string. This string allows the objinfo entry to be called on in events. This is mainly used to load effects with <EFFECT>. Note that only candle (fire/sfire) entries tend to respond to this script tag properly.
pos_x Float Coordinates within the map's boundaries. These are the spawn coordinates for the objinfo entry. Since these entries are globally loaded, you can place them anywhere without worrying about room number.
pos_y Float
pos_z Float
dir_x Float N/A If it's a net entry, then these values will change the rotation of the spider web. All other objinfo entries will be unaffected.
dir_y Float
dir_z Float
scale_x Float Any float. If it's a chandelier entry, then this value will change the size of the glow. All other objinfo entries will be unaffected.
scale_y Float N/A Useless.
scale_z Float
room_no Integer Any integer. The room that the objinfo entry will spawn in. This value is mostly useless since all of the objinfo entries for a map will load globally, regardless of which rooms are currently loaded. This field was mainly included for organizational purposes.
arg0 Integer If it's a candle (fire/sfire), then 0-6. Candle Behavior Types
If it's eldoor01-eldoor10, then a valid door number in the map. arg0 is the door number that the fire or purple forcefield should stick onto.
arg1 Boolean 0 or 1. If arg1 is set to 1, then the objinfo entry will be completely disabled. It works similarly to how invisible works in other jump tables. If arg0 is set to 1, the objinfo entry will spawn.
arg2 Boolean If it's a candle, then 0 or 1. Candle Color Types
appear_flag Integer 0-255. This flag will allow the objinfo entry to spawn.
disappear_flag Integer 0-255. This flag will prevent the objinfo entry from spawning.