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Documentation on the jump table railinfo. This file defines paths that can be found in root/mapX.szp/path/. These paths can be given to actors for them to use in characterinfo/teidencharacterinfo, enemyinfo/teidenenemyinfo, and generatorinfo.

railinfo can be edited with Jumpah.

Field Type Proper Values Description
name String A valid path name from the root/map/mapX.szp/path/ folder. The string name of the path file to define.
type String (WIP) Bezier type (WIP)
If a ladder, then Linear. Ladder paths use linear interpolation to connect coordinates of the path together into a ladder for Luigi to walk on. The use field must also be set to 1 for this to work.
If neither, then simply put (null) Most paths use (null) or no type since there's no need to connect individual coordinates.
next String If do_type = 4, 5, or 6 then a valid path name from the root/mapX.szp/path/ folder. If not, then simply put (null). This field links multiple paths together for Shivers, Whirlindas, and the Waiters. The next path is the path to use after the end of the current path.
no Integer Any integer. The number of the path. Seems to be used for organizational purposes.
num_pnt Integer The number of coordinates in the path file. This field defines the number of coordinates in the path.
room_no Integer Any integer. The room that the path will be in. This value is mostly useless since all of the railinfo entries for a map will load globally, regardless of which rooms are currently loaded. This field was mainly included for organizational purposes.
arg0 Integer Any integer. The speed that the actor will follow the path. The higher the value, the faster the actor will go.
do_type Integer 0, 4, 5, or 6. Do Types
closed Boolean (WIP) (WIP - UNUSED)
use Boolean If a Ladder, then 1. If not, then 0. This field activates the Linear type path so that Luigi can use it as a ladder by pressing A near it.