Privacy policy

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Short Version (Not as boring)

  • We collect some data so we can block abusers and trolls.
  • The information you share will be shared with other visitors. (Duhh..)
  • We never share any personal data unless we are forced to do so by the law. (Highly unlikely)

Privacy Policy (Updated 01/21/2020)

Only the data that is required by our wiki system (MediaWiki) is what will be recorded - we have no trackers or other nasty stuff on the site. We do our best to store the least amount of data about our users.

But in order for us to provide a good and stable service some data is required to be collected:

  • IP Address
  • Browser details
  • Uploaded content

The data listed above is only collected should you choose to 'opt-in' and upload/share content on the wiki.

We will never share any of the personal data (ip address/ browser details) we collect with 3rd parties unless we are forced to by law. (This means that a court order would have to be issued, something that is very unlikely to happen)

We take your privacy and personal data very seriously, your connection to our service is also fully encrypted.

Please check back here regularly, as we might change our Privacy Policy from time to time. (No notice will be given)