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Collidah allows you to export MP collision meshes as OBJ/MTL, convert them to a standalone MP file, or convert and inject OBJ/MTL directly back into a map archive. (+ Generate the required JMPs)

How to use

  • You can drag a MP/Map SZP onto the program and it will create a set of OBJ/MTL files for you. (To export properties, the collision mesh must be exported from a Map Archive)
  • You can also drag a OBJ onto the program and it will create a MP file for you. Or injected directly into a map archive using CLI: collidah.exe col.obj map2.szp
  • To set specific collision properties to a triangle you assign the corresponding material to that triangle. (EG; MAT_WOOD, only 1 material per triangle (!))


  • The model must be triangulated.
  • To assign group id and glide levels, you must name your meshes like this: X_GroupId_GlideLevel

(X can be anything you want, GroupId should be 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 or 32768. GlideLevel should be a value between 0-7)

  • If you want hashigo to be set to 1 for a particular triangle you append _LADDER at the end of the mesh name.