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How To Add The Beta Flashlight Into Luigi's Mansion



Tools Required


This tutorial will show you how to replace the regular flashlight with the variant seen in the beta!

Step 1.

Create a root folder from your Luigi's Mansion .iso file with GameCube Rebuilder if you haven't done so already.

Step 2.

Go to your "root folder".

Step 3.

Go to the folder called "model".

Step 4.

Find a file named: "wplight.szp" and drop this on ARCExtract. A folder called "wplight" will appear after dropping the "wplight.szp" onto ARCExtract.

Step 5.

Drop that folder called "wplight" onto ARCPack. This will create a file named: "wplight.arc"

Step 6.

Copy the file named "wplight.arc", then exit the model folder.

Step 7.

Go inside the folder called "Game". Drop "game_usa.szp" onto ARCExtract. (If this is a PAL iso, drop "game.szp" onto ARCExtract)

Step 8.

Now, you should see a folder called "data", rename your folder to "game_usa" (NTSC) or "game" (PAL) respectively, proceed to open the folder

Step 9.

Now that you're inside the "game_usa/game" folder, go to the folder called model.

Step 10.

Paste in that file called "wplight.arc", (the one you copied earlier!). When prompted, hit the replace button.

Step 11.

Now, exit the "game_usa/game" folder, and go back to the "Game" folder, drag your game_usa/game folder onto ARCPack. Now, once you see something called: "game.arc" or, "game_usa.arc", move it to the folder which Yay0Enc is in.

Step 12.

Now, at the top of the window of the folder with Yay0Enc in it, you should see a text box which has the directory. Press this and type "CMD".

Step 13.

Now! You need to type the following command: Yay0Enc -c game_usa.arc game_usa.szp (If you're doing game.arc, the command is: Yay0Enc -c game.arc game.szp)

Step 14.

Now, let the Command Prompt process. It should say "Dolphin BootRom", when it says the directory again, close the CMD prompt. Look for: "game.szp" or "game_usa.szp" and when you find it, drag it to the "Game" folder. If it says replace, hit the replace button.

Step 15.

Proceed to repack your game using Gamecube Rebuilder.

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