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How To Change The GameId


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I would strongly recommend only changing the second and third letters of the GameId. Who knows what could happen if you change anything else?


The GameId is, well, an ID that determines where the game is saved. If you're making a mod of Luigi's Mansion, it would really be best to change it so that your mod doesn't share save files with the original game.

Step 1. Open up HxD, go to File->Open, and select your .ISO image, or .GCM file, or just generally your game file you want to modify the GameId for.

Step 2. Now, the very first line of hexadecimal numbers corresponds to the GameId. You can either edit that, or you can edit it in the Decoded Text section to the right of it. (Do NOT delete or backspace anything, as that will change the filesize and make everything worse. Merely type, and it will be inserted.)

Step 3. After changing the GameId, save the .ISO (or whatever) in HxD, and close the program.

Step 4. ;)