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How To Edit The Textures Of Luigi, Poltergust And Mario



Tools Required


This tutorial is going to go over how to edit the textures of Luigi, the Poltergust and Mario.

Step 1.
Extract game.szp (PAL + JPN) or game_usa.szp (NTSC) file depending on what game version you have.

Step 2.
Go into the newly created "data" folder and now open the "model" folder

Step 3.
Find the file you want to edit: For this example I'll be focusing on Luigi's textures which is the file named "luige.arc" This also applies to the "vbody" and "bmario" files.

Step 4.
Copy the "luige.arc" file to a FAT32 USB. After this, then unpack it by dragging and dropping it onto "ArcExtract.exe" This will create a new folder on your USB named "luige"

Step 5.
Open the "luige" folder and then open the "model" folder. Inside will be a file named "luige.mdl" Copy this file and then paste it into the "LMTextureInjector" folder.

Step 6.
Next, drag the "luige.mdl" file onto "LMTextureInjector.exe" and you'll get a new "luige" folder inside of the "LMTextureInjector" folder. It will contain all the .png's of Luigi's textures. Edit them as you like.

Step 7.
Once you have edited the files you want, keep the "LMTextureInjector" folder open. Open a CMD prompt and type this: "cd <directory of lmtextureinjector>" and click enter. After this, you need to type "LMTextureInjector luige.mdl luige" inside of CMD prompt This will then create the file under the name ""

Step 8.
Now, delete the old "luige.mdl" file and rename the new mdl to "luige.mdl" and then move it back to your model folder on your USB. Then, you'll want to stay on your USB and move back up to the original "luige" folder that contains the "model" folder. Go ahead and delete the old "luige.arc" file in your USB. Next, drag the "luige" folder onto "ArcPack.exe" to repack it into "luige.arc" The "luige.arc" will appear on the root of your USB.

Step 9.
Finally, move the new "luige.arc" back into your original "model" folder inside the "data" folder. Replace the old arc file. Next, drag the "data" folder onto "ArcPack.exe" to get "data.arc" Bring that "data.arc" into the "Yay0" directory and launch another CMD prompt. Type as shown, "yay0 -c data.arc data.szp" to convert it back to an szp file. Give it a moment, it might take a second to convert. Take the new "data.szp" file and drop it into your root/game folder.

Step 10.
Now, delete either "game_usa.szp" or "game.szp" depending on what game version you have. Next, rename your "data.szp" to mimic whichever one you deleted. Finally, use GCR to repack your iso and then test.

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(The results will vary depending on your edit - Example image credits: luigitime2)