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How To Extract and Pack .szp Files


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This is a tutorial on how to extract them juicy .szp files (the ones containing enemy parameter files, .JMP files for the various maps in our lovely game, and probably more) and pack them so your goodol' game doesn't crash. Now, you could just use Archivah, OArc, the Yay.exe with no ArcTools, Wiimms, Wexos's Toolbox, etc., but if you're like me and you're a plebian, this could really help you out.

Step 1. Obtain a .szp file from a root folder extracted from a .ISO image of Luigi's Mansion (the first game). (See GCRebuilder)

Step 2. Drag the .szp file onto ArcExtract.EXE; this will create a folder (maybe of a different name than the .szp file) that contains the contents of the .szp file.

Step 3. After modifying the folder's contents to your heart's desire, drag the .szp file onto ArcPack.exe; this will create a file named "[The name of your extracted folder].arc".

Step 4. Now it gets tricky. Put yay.exe in the same folder as your packed .arc folder, run cmd.exe (this comes with Windows, and is also known as the Command Prompt) and type "cd ", making sure to add a space after "cd", then drag the folder containing both yay.exe and your .arc file onto cmd.exe, and then enter.

Step 5. Now, enter "yay.exe -c [Input .arc file].arc [Output .szp file].szp" into the console. There ya go.