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This is a list of descriptions for the parameter files found inside the ctp folder in game_usa/param/.

Name Description
baby Chauncey
ball1 Fake Chauncey Ball
ball2 Real Chauncey Ball
banaoba Garbage Can Ghost
bat1 Purple Bat
bat2 Yellow Bat
bbaby Boss Chauncey
bfire Bogmire
bomb1 Spark (red exploding ghost)
bone1 Bone that the Skeleton Ghosts throw
boy1 Orville (red twin)
boy2 Henry (purple twin)
bshadow2 Small Bogmire Shadow
builder Biff Atlas
dancer Floating Whirlinda (Male)
dancer2 Floating Whirlinda (Female)
demobak1 Foyer / Parlor Cutscene Gold Ghost
denwa Uncle Grimmly
dog01 Spooky
doll1 Blue Clockwork Soldier
doll2 Pink Clockwork Soldier
doll3 Green Clockwork Soldier
eater Mr. Luggs
ebone Spooky's Bone
eldoor01 Fire Door (Kitchen)
eldoor02 Fire Door (Tea Room)
elfire Fire Elemental Spirit
elice Ice Elemental Spirit
elwater Water Elemental Spirit
eskul Mr. Bones
fakedoor Fake Doors in the F1 and F2 hallways
fat Miss Petunia
father Neville
fkdoor2 Fake Doors in the Attic
fkdoor3 Fake Door in the Laundry Room
gaka Vincent Van Gore
girl Sue Pea
goldrat0 Gold Mouse (20% chance - Area 2 hallway)
goldrat1 Gold Mouse (20% chance - Area 3 hallway)
goldrat2 Gold Mouse (20% chance - Kitchen)
goldrat3 Gold Mouse (20% chance - Tea Room)
goldrat4 Gold Mouse (20% chance - Sealed Room)
goldrat5 Gold Mouse (cheese - Dining Room)
goldrat6 Gold Mouse (cheese - Fortune-Teller's Room)
goldrat7 Gold Mouse (cheese - Study)
goldrat8 Gold Mouse (cheese - Tea Room)
goldrat9 Gold Mouse (cheese - Safari Room)
heymask Ghost Guy Mask (solo version)
heymask2 Ghost Guy Mask (dancer version)
heypo1 Red Ghost Guy (solo)
heypo2 Green Ghost Guy (solo)
heypo3 White Ghost Guy (dancer)
heypo4 Brown Ghost Guy (dancer)
heypo5 Orange Ghost Guy (dancer)
heypo6 Yellow Ghost Guy (dancer)
heypo7 Pink Ghost Guy (dancer)
heypo8 Purple Ghost Guy (dancer)
heypo9 Blue Ghost Guy (UNUSED)
heypo10 Cyan Ghost Guy (UNUSED)
htama1 Billiard's Ball (yellow 1 ball)
htama2 Billiard's Ball (red 3 ball)
htama3 Billiard's Ball (purple 5 ball)
htama4 Billiard's Ball (white cue ball)
htubone Red Jarvis (capture-able version)
hustler Slim Bankshot
ibookb Flying Blue Book (UNUSED)
ibookr Flying Red Book in the Study
ifly Flying Frying Pan in the Kitchen
ikuma1 Teddy Bear in the Nursery
inabe Flying Small Cooking Pot in the Kitchen
itembomb Big Bomb
itemboms Small Bomb
iyapoo1 Speedy Spirit (Storage Room)
iyapoo2 Speedy Spirit (Billiards Room)
iyapoo3 Speedy Spirit (Dining Room)
iyapoo4 Speedy Spirit (Study)
iyapoo5 Speedy Spirit (The Twins' Room)
iyapoo6 Speedy Spirit (Nana's Room)
iyapoo7 Speedy Spirit (Kitchen)
iyapoo8 Speedy Spirit (Sealed Room)
iyapoo9 Speedy Spirit (Rec Room)
iyapoo10 Speedy Spirit (Wardrobe Room)
iyapoo11 Speedy Spirit (Cellar)
iyapoo12 Speedy Spirit (Breaker Room)
iyapoo13 Speedy Spirit (Hidden Room) [Blackout Only]
iyapoo14 Speedy Spirit (Conservatory) [Blackout Only]
iyapoo15 Speedy Spirit (Nursery) [Blackout Only]
iyapoo16 UNUSED Speedy Spirit (working actors)
iyapoo17 UNUSED Speedy Spirit (working actors)
iyapoo18 UNUSED Speedy Spirit (working actors)
iyapoo19 UNUSED Speedy Spirit (working actors)
iyapoo20 UNUSED Speedy Spirit (working actors)
iyapoo21 UNUSED Speedy Spirit (deleted actors)
iyapoo22 UNUSED Speedy Spirit (deleted actors)
iyapoo23 UNUSED Speedy Spirit (deleted actors)
iyapoo24 UNUSED Speedy Spirit (deleted actors)
iyapoo25 UNUSED Speedy Spirit (deleted actors)
kopabom Bowser Bomb
kptelesa King Boo
lheart Large Heart
mapoo1 Purple Puncher
mapoo2 Flash (white Purple Puncher with ice heart)
mgyapoo1 Training Room Gold Ghost
mkinoko Poison Mushroom
mopoo1 Blue Twirler
mopoo2 Blue Blaze (white Blue Twirler with water heart)
mother Lydia
obaasan Nana
okami1 Piano Sheets from Melody Pianissima
otub1 Jarvis' Flying Jar #1 (light purple)
otub2 Jarvis' Flying Jar #2 (silver)
otub3 Jarvis' Flying Jar #3 (pink)
otub4 Jarvis' Flying Jar #4 (flower pattern)
otub5 Jarvis' Flying Jar #5 (white with blue patterns)
oufo1 Flying Tea Room Plate #1 (white border)
oufo2 Flying Tea room Plate #2 (blue border)
painist Melody Pianissima
piero1 Red Clown Doll
piero2 Blue Clown Doll
poo1 Purple Flying Fish
poo2 Green Flying Fish
putcher1 Bowling Ghost
rat1 Blue Mouse
rat2 Pink Mouse (UNUSED)
rat3 Purple Mouse
sheart Small Heart
situji Shivers (the Butler)
skul Skeleton Ghost
snowman Sir Weston
star Meteor Ghost
tabemono Mr. Luggs' Plate of Rice
telesa Boo
telesa1 Boolossus
tenjyo Purple Bomber
tenjyo2 Ceiling Suprise
tomato Bowling Ball (used by the Bowling Ghost)
topoo1 Red Grabbing Ghost
topoo2 Cyan Grabbing Ghost (invisible)
topoo3 Purple Grabbing Ghost (invisible)
topoo4 White Grabbing Ghost
tubone Purple Jarvis (minigame version)
uranai Madame Clairvoya
waiter Waiter Ghost
yapoo1 Gold Ghost
yapoo2 Temper Terror (white Gold Ghost with fire heart)