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A list of all the Maps and Rooms found in Luigi's Mansion.

Map0 (Test Room)

# Room Name Image
test_00.bin Room on the West View
test_01.bin Main Room View
test_02.bin Room on the East View
test_03.bin Table Room (North) View

Map1 (E. Gadd's Lab)

# Room Name Image
hakase.arc Main Lab Room View
h_01.bin Main Lab Room (Unused) View
h_02.bin Ghost Portrificationizer (Unused) View

Map2 (The Mansion)

# Room Name Image
room_00 Butler's Room View
room_01 Hidden Room View
room_02 Foyer (1F) View
room_03 Fortune-teller's Room View
room_04 Mirror Room View
room_05 Laundry Room View
room_06 F1 Hallway A (Laundry Room, Basement) View
room_07 F1 Hallway D (Courtyard, Bathroom 1F) View
room_08 Kitchen View
room_09 Dining Room View
room_10 Ball Room View
room_11 Boneyard View
room_12 Billiards Room View
room_13 Projection Room View
room_14 Storage Room View
room_15 Attic Hallway A (Safari Room north side) View
room_16 Graveyard View
room_17 Washroom 1F View
room_18 F1 Hallway C (Conservatory, Billiards Room) View
room_19 F1 to F2 Stairs (Rec Room, Tea Room) View
room_20 Bathroom (1F) View
room_21 Conservatory View
room_22 Rec Room View
room_23 Courtyard View
room_24 Nursery View
room_25 The Twins' Room View
room_26 F2 Hallway D (Astral Hall) View
room_27 Sitting Room View
room_28 Guest Room (upside down) View
room_28A Guest Room (normal) View
room_29 F2 Hallway A (Study, Master Bedroom) View
room_30 Foyer (2F) View
room_31 F2 Hallway F (Sitting Room) View
room_32 F2 to Attic Stairs View
room_33 Master Bedroom View
room_34 Study View
room_35 Parlor View
room_36 Sealed Room View
room_37 Balcony (2F) View
room_38 Wardrobe Room View
room_39 Anteroom View
room_40 Astral Hall View
room_41 Observatory View
room_42 Washroom (2F) View
room_43 F2 Hallway B (Area 3 entrance, F2 Washroom) View
room_44 F2 Hallway C (Nana's Room, F2 Bathroom) View
room_45 Bathroom (2F) View
room_46 Nana's Room View
room_47 Tea Room View
room_48 Armory View
room_49 Attic Hallway E (Armory, Telephone Room) View
room_50 Telephone Room View
room_51 Attic Hallway B (Safari Room west side) View
room_52 Safari Room View
room_53 F1 Hallway B (Dining Room, Ball Room) View
room_54 Attic Hallway D (F3 Balcony west side) View
room_55 Ceramics Room View
room_56 Clockwork Room View
room_57 The Artist's Studio View
room_58 Attic Hallway C (Artist's Studio) View
room_59 Balcony (3F) View
room_60 Roof View
room_61 Cold Storage View
room_62 Basement Hallway A (Cold Storage, Cellar) View
room_63 Cellar View
room_64 F2 Hallway E (Sealed Room) View
room_65 F1 to Basement Stairs View
room_66 Pipe Room View
room_67 Breaker Room View
room_68 Basement Hallway C (Secret Altar) View
room_69 Bottom of the Well View
room_70 Secret Altar View
room_71 Basement Hallway B (Pipe Room) View
room_72 The Mansion bordering the Boneyard/Graveyard View
room_73 The Mansion bordering the Courtyard View

Map3 (Training Room)

# Room Name Image
h_07_00.arc Training Room View

Map4 (Ghost Portrificationizer Room)

# Room Name Image
h_02.bin Ghost Portrificationizer Room View

Map5 (Unused Gallery I)

# Room Name Image
h_03_00.bin Main Room View
h_03_01.bin West Hallway View
h_03_02.bin East Hallway View
h_03_03.bin King Boo Display Room View

Map6 (Gallery)

# Room Name Image
gyara_00.arc Main Room View
gyara_01.arc West Hallway View
gyara_02.arc East Hallway View
gyara_03.arc King Boo Display Room View

Map7 (Unused Gallery II)

# Room Name Image
h_05_00.bin Main Room View
h_05_01.bin West Hallway View
h_05_02.bin East Hallway View
h_05_03.bin King Boo Display Room View

Map8 (Unused Gallery III)

# Room Name Image
h_06_00.bin Main Room View
h_06_01.bin West Hallway View
h_06_02.bin East Hallway View
h_06_03.bin King Boo Display Room View

Map9 (Bowser's Arena)

# Room Name Image
lastroof.arc Bowser's Arena View

Map10 (Chauncey's Arena)

# Room Name Image
roombed.arc Chauncey's Arena View

Map11 (Boolossus' Arena)

# Room Name Image
beranda.arc Boolossus' Arena View

Map12 (Ending Portrificationizer)

# Room Name Image
h_02.bin Ending Portrificationizer Room View

Map13 (Bogmire's Arena)

# Room Name Image
tombboss.arc Bogmire's Arena View