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Documentation on the jump table characterinfo. This file spawns in any types of actors, but was mostly used for Portrait Ghosts and event models. teidencharacterinfo is loaded during the blackout instead of characterinfo.

characterinfo can be edited with Dollhouse and Jumpah. teidencharacterinfo can be edited with Jumpah.

Field Type Proper Values Description
name String Actor List The name of the actor to spawn.
create_name String Must match string_arg0 in an observerinfo entry. If not, then simply put ----. Checks if a global string output by an observerinfo entry matches the string given. If there's a match, the actor will be allowed to spawn. Note: if you don't want the actor to spawn from an observer, then you must use ---- as the create_name.
path_name String Must match a filename in the path folder of the map archive. If not, then simply put (null). Makes the actor use a path file with the string name specified. This path must be inside the path folder of the map archive, and also must be properly defined in railinfo to prevent crashes.
CodeName String Any string. This string will allow the actor to be called with event script tags.
pos_x Float Coordinates within the room's bounding box. These are the spawn coordinates for the actor.
pos_y Float
pos_z Float
dir_x Float -360.000000 < n < 360.000000 The degree (n) of x-axis rotation for the actor. Negative values tilt backwards, while positive values tilt forwards.
dir_y Float The degree (n) of y-axis rotation for the actor. Negative values turn left, while positive values turn right.
dir_z Float The degree (n) of z-axis rotation for the actor. Negative values tilt left, while positive values tilt right.
room_no Integer map0, map5, map6, map7, and map8: 0-3. The room number that the actor should spawn in.
map1, map3, map4, map9, map10, map11, and map12: 0.
map2: 0-71.
appear_flag Integer 0-255. This flag will allow the actor to spawn.
disappear_flag Integer 0-255. This flag will prevent the actor from spawning.
event_set_no Integer 0-255. Checks if an eventinfo entry has EventNo matching the value of event_set_no in characterinfo. The eventinfo entry will then check if the actor given in CharacterName matches the name of the actor in characterinfo. If there's a match, then the eventinfo entry will be allowed to activate. If not, then the entry will be disabled.
item_table Integer The number of an entry in itemappeartable. The entry number in itemappeartable to use for item spawning. The actor will need to be defeated in order for the item to spawn.
appear_point Integer If it's a luige entry, then 0-255. luige entries with appear_point = 0 define where Luigi spawns when a map is loaded. If an appear_point besides 0 is given, then Luigi can only be warped to that point with the <WARPMOVE> tag, or the <SETLUIGI> and <WARP> tags together in an event.
msg_no Integer If it's a Portrait Ghost, then 0-255. This value will be passed to event78 and processed with <COUNTJMP2> when Luigi scans a Portrait Ghost's heart with the GBH. The resulting jump will display the Portrait Ghost's heart message.
cond_type Integer 0-3, 5-13, and 15-16. Cond Types
attack_type Integer 0 or 3. If a value of 3 is given, then the actor's current behavior will be replaced with EnNoMove. This will prevent the actor from doing anything besides its default animation, which makes it a perfect dummy actor entry to use in an event.
move_type Integer N/A Useless.
appear_type Integer N/A Useless.
invisible Boolean 0 or 1. If set to 0, the actor will be visible. If set to 1, the actor will be invisible.
stay Boolean 0 or 1. (WIP) Something to do with keeping the actor on the proper path while switching rooms. This is only used by the Butler (situji).