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Documentation on the jump table telesa. This file defines parameters for each of the 35 collectable Boos in the Mansion.

telesa can be edited with Jumpah.

Field Type Proper Values Description
init_room Integer 0-71 The room in map2 that the Boo should spawn in initially. Note that there must be at least one furnitureinfo entry with telesa_hide ≠ 0 in the room in order for the Boo to spawn.
next_room_wait Integer 600 (WIP) Seems to be useless, but is always set at 600.
accel Float Any positive float. How fast the Boo accelerates onto each point of its path finding behavior. The faster the acceleration, the faster the max_speed must be to match it, otherwise the Boo will cancel itself out of animations constantly.
max_speed Float Any positive float. How fast the Boo is.
rnd_angle Float 0.05 The angle at which the Boo needs to be to follow its path finding behavior properly. This must be set at 0.05, otherwise the Boo will act in an erratic and broken way.
str_hp Integer 0-999. The Boo's HP.
move_time Integer Any positive integer. How long the Boo should wait around in the current room before transferring to the next room. The higher the value, the longer the Boo will wait around.
attack Boolean 0 or 1. If set to 0, the Boo will attack Luigi periodically by dashing towards him. If set to 0, the Boo will be passive.