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Welcome to the Tools section!

Feel free to look at the tools we currently have covered below!


  • ArcExtract - Allows you to extract ARC / SZP files
  • Archivah - Allows you to very easily modify the contents of an ARC/SZP file using a GUI
  • ArcPack - Allows you to pack folders into ARC files
  • Collidah - Allows you to import/export/convert collision meshes for maps.
  • Dollhouse - Allows you to modify characterinfo, enemyinfo, and furnitureinfo with a 3D view allowing for precise placement.
  • DR MARIO - Allows you to add new doors to the game.
  • Eventor - Allows you to very easily modify in-game events using a GUI
  • Furnitah - Allows you to convert OBJ models into BIN models
  • GCRebuilder - Allows you to very easily export a ISO into a "root" folder and rebuild a "root" folder back into a ISO
  • HxD - Allows you to modify the raw bytes for any type of file (We recommend HxD, especially for beginners)
  • Jumpah - Allows you to very easily modify JMP files using a GUI
  • LMARIO - Allows you to easily add AR Codes to the dol
  • LMTextureInjector - Allows you to export / import textures from / to various formats (BIN, MDL, TPL and BTI)
  • OArc - Allows you to pack a folder into ARC / SZP and extract ARC / SZP to a folder
  • OPth - Allows you to convert PTH files into JSON files, and vice-versa
  • Roomah - Allows you to very easily modify doors and rooms stored in the DOL using a GUI
  • TrashPrm - Allows you to very easily modify PRM files using a GUI
  • Yay - Allows you to compress ARC files into SZP files, and vice versa